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How To Get Rid Of Cellulite Treatment and Removal (Medical Info)

Cellulite Medical Info? Learn, How To Get Rid Of Cellulite. Cellulite Treatment. Cellulite Removal. Cellulite Of Leg.

00:00 How To Get Rid Of Cellulite Treatment and Removal?

00:51 What Is Cellulite?

03:27 How To Get Rid Of Cellulite?

10:06 Cellulite Treatment and Removal?

12:09 Conclusion

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So, what is cellulite? You may hear a lot about it on tv or on social media as something that is apparently bad, but in truth, it is nothing but a normal, I repeat, normal skin condition. In fact, it’s so common and so normal, it appears on almost all women, around 80-90%. And so, by those figures, you are actually more in the minority if you don’t have cellulite.

Now, cellulite describes when parts of the skin can have a lumpy, dimpled, orange peel like look, instead of a smooth or taut surface. It’s often seen on the thigh, buttocks and/or abdomen, and is completely harmless but some people may feel conscious of it.


But why does this happen? Well, the science of it, is that under the surface of our skin we have several layers, and these layers include muscle, fat, and two upper skin layers known as Dermis and Epidermis. We also have something called connective tissue, which is basically a fibrous band, and this connects the upper layers of skin to our muscles.

Now, sometimes, for an unknown reason, these fibrous bands can shorten, and when they do, it can cause the layer of fat to bulge. And its these pockets of fat pushing into the upper skin layers that give the uneven appearance of what we know as cellulite on the surface.

No one knows exactly what triggers it, but it’s believed you may be more prone to it if you have a diet very high in carbohydrates, are overweight or obese, and if you spend long periods sitting down or standing. Hormones, genetics, age, ethnicity and sex are all also believed to play a role, with cellulite being more common in women than men and in those who are Caucasian.


Please note, if you have cellulite, it doesn’t need treating, and you shouldn’t feel pressured to treat it. Only treat it if you feel it’s something you want to do as a personal choice.

Now, even though cellulite is harmless, media pressure, edited images and filters can make some of us feel like it’s something that should be removed. It’s important for mental wellbeing to know that no one really looks the way people do in magazines or social media and this includes being completely cellulite-free.

But even despite knowing this, cellulite for some people can really affect their self-esteem. So please remember, if you have cellulite, it doesn’t need treating, and you shouldn’t feel pressured to treat it. Only treat it if you feel it’s something you want to do as a personal choice.

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