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Mental Health | How To Improve Your Mental Health Awareness Help Tips

Pharmacist Abraham, discusses Mental Health. How To Improve Your Mental Health. Mental Health Awareness, Help, Tips and Lots More.

In this weeks video we’re looking at How To Improve Your Mental Health Awareness Help Tips. This video consists of the current information on How To Improve Your Mental Health Awareness Help Tips. As mentioned in the video this is a two part series, in episode 1 we discuss How To Be Healthy with a Balanced Diet, Healthy Foods Meals and Eating.


00:00​ Mental Health | How To Improve Your Mental Health Awareness Help Tips

00:52 How To Improve Your Mental Health Awareness Help Tips

04:27 Quit Smoking To Improve Your Health

05:44 Reducing Alcohol Intake To Improve Your Mental Health And Health

08:59 Final Thoughts On Mental Health | How To Improve Your Mental Health Awareness Help Tips


So, something that can sometimes be overlooked when talking about what’s needed for a healthy life is your mental health and wellbeing. Sometimes significant life events can seriously affect us leading to poor mental health, and other times, everyday stresses and anxieties can build up and lead to low mood and self-esteem without us even realising.

So in what ways can we try and look after our mental health? One way is acknowledging our mental health and being aware of when we think its getting worse. Know what can trigger you to feel worse so you know what to try and avoid or prepare for and know when your symptoms might be deteriorating so you know when its time to ask for help. Creating a mood diary can be a really good way to do this and there’s lots of apps available or even good old-fashioned pen and paper can do the job.

Connect with people when you can. This can be by phone call, text or physically spending time with friends or family. Social relationships are important for a sense of belonging and self-worth and can give emotional support. And if you don’t have supportive friends or family try engaging in community, hobby or sports groups to meet other people or even to just have a little chat. Even small social interactions, like lunch with a colleague, can do wonders for your mental health.

Keep your mind active by taking up a hobby or learning a new skill. This has been shown to help improve self-confidence, self-esteem, a sense of purpose and can sometimes also double up as helping you connect with others if done in a group. Ways to do this can be as simple as watching an online tutorial, reading a recipe book or gardening, starting a DIY project, or enrolling on a college course. Find something that suits your interests and your schedule and do something that makes you happy.

Live a healthy life. Now I’ve left this one till last because everything I’ll be going through in this video and in Part 1, all ties in with your mental health. A healthy diet, regular exercise, good sleep, and cutting down on cigarettes and alcohol, all can contribute to better energy levels and mental wellbeing. Episode 1 can be found here:

Sometimes, hearing everything you should do can feel quite overwhelming, especially if you’re feeling down or struggling with low mood, but there are loads of awesome resources to help, and even just implementing a few things can make a big difference.

Overthinking and learning how to reduce it:

How to improve confidence:

How to stop an anxiety attack:

Emergency relaxation techniques:

Improving self esteem:

For more information on mental health,


When it comes to talking about living a healthy life, stopping smoking if you smoke, is a huge step in the right direction. Smoking harms nearly every organ in the body and is the leading cause of premature death in the UK. It increases the risk of cancer, heart and lung diseases, infertility, diabetes, dementia, and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease.

Here is the link to my video on how to quit smoking:


For more information on calculating units and help with reducing your alcohol intake,

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