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Does It Matter When You Take Medication? When Is An Empty Stomach? Medicine Before or After food?

Updated: 6 days ago

Does It Matter When You Take Medication | When Is An Empty Stomach What Does it Mean | Medicine Before or After food.

I was inspired to make this video after being asked on many occasions by patients when to take their medication and if the instructions on the medicine label are important. Here are some of the questions patients would ask me about:

• When is an empty stomach ?

• Why must medicine be taken on an empty stomach ?

• Does it matter when you take medication ?

• When is your stomach empty after eating ?

• Why is some medication better on an empty stomach ?

• Why does medication time matter ?

• Medication on an empty stomach ?

• Does medication timing matter ?

• Medicine before or after food ?

• What does take on an empty stomach mean ?

• Take on an empty stomach what does it mean ?

• Take on an empty stomach meaning ?

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This video is for information only and should not be used for the diagnosis or treatment of medical conditions. Abraham The Pharmacist has used all reasonable care in compiling the information but make no warranty as to its accuracy. Always consult a doctor or other healthcare professional for diagnosis and treatment of medical conditions.




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