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Healthy Lifestyle | How To Be Healthy Balanced Diet Foods Meals Eating

Pharmacist Abraham, discusses Healthy Lifestyle. How To Be Healthy. Healthy Foods. Balanced Diet. Healthy Meals, Eating, Diet, Habits and Lots More

In this weeks video we’re looking at How To Be Healthy with a Balanced Diet, Healthy Foods Meals and Eating. This video consists of the current information on how to have a Healthy Lifestyle concentrating on health foods and diet. As mentioned in the video this is a two part series, in episode 2 we discuss other aspects of living a Healthy Lifestyle.


00:00​ Healthy Lifestyle | How To Be Healthy Balanced Diet Foods Meals Eating

01:12 Healthy Balanced Diet Foods Meals Eating

06:21 Salt, Sugar And Water In A Healthy Balanced Diet Foods Meals Eating

08:29 Exercise Required For A Healthy Lifestyle To Be Healthy

10:42 Sleep Required For A Healthy Lifestyle To Be Healthy

14:13 Final Thoughts On Healthy Lifestyle | How To Be Healthy Balanced Diet Foods Meals Eating


So what is a healthy diet and why is it important? Well, when I say diet, many of you may immediately think of novelty diets, celebrity diets or other fads that have come and gone through the years like the 5:2 diet, liquid-only, or low-carb. These diets gain a lot of attention because they can sometimes help you lose a bit of weight fast.

The problem is, that many of these diets aren’t sustainable long-term and the weight can end up just coming back on. They are usually short-term fixes, and many can have other health risks and cause illness due to denying your body of the nutrients they need. Following many of these are not usually the best way to live a healthy life, so that’s not what I’ll be talking about here.

The total amount you should eat each day and for each meal will vary from person to person, and this is dependent on lots of different factors such as your age, lifestyle, profession, body type and any health conditions you have, but the recommended proportion of each group that you should eat is roughly the same for the general population.

Though, before I go into more detail, know that the recommendations in the video apply to most adults in general. None of the recommendations are for people with certain food intolerances or conditions may need to follow slightly different recommendations, so always speak to a healthcare professional before making any drastic lifestyle changes for the best tailored advice for you.

Now, when I say a healthy diet, this actually means a full balanced diet including the right proportions of each food group. There are five food groups: Fruit and Veg, Starchy Foods, Dairy, Protein, and Fat. In the video I have given a few examples of foods in the groups, however if you wish to find out more information on each group of foods and types of foods the NHS has a really helpful article on it which can be found here:

As mentioned in the video this is a two part series, episode 2 can be found here: (I will update this when the video goes live).


A few other important things to watch for is also your salt and sugar intake. Regularly eating too much salt can lead to high blood pressure, heart disease, and stroke, as well as put strain on our kidneys. And eating too much sugar can lead to weight gain, tooth decay, and an increased risk of type 2 diabetes.

Now, both of these things are an important part of making food taste good, so you don’t need to cut them out completely, but should have them in moderation. The recommended maximum daily intake for adults for salt is 6g daily, and 30g for sugar.

So keep an eye on the food you eat and look at the nutrition labels. Some pre-made foods are labelled using a handy traffic light system, where red shows a high amount of salt, sugar or fat, and amber and green show less amounts. Try and eat foods marked with these red labels less often and opt for green and amber foods more of the time.

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