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How to lower cholesterol naturally to control high ldl and when to see doctor

Learn how to lower cholesterol naturally for high cholesterol control to reduce ldl and when to see doctor!


Learn how to effectively lower your cholesterol in our latest video. Discover the impact of high cholesterol, which results from factors like fatty diets, lack of exercise, excess weight, smoking, and alcohol consumption, and can even have a genetic component. In some cases, medication might be necessary where you should speak to your doctor or healthcare professional about.

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Understanding your cholesterol results is vital. A cholesterol test assesses total cholesterol (good and bad), the total cholesterol to HDL ratio, good cholesterol (HDL), and bad cholesterol (LDL and non-HDL). Good cholesterol lessens the risk of heart problems, while bad cholesterol increases it. You might receive only the total cholesterol value, but inquire about separate results and healthy ratios. Cholesterol levels vary with age, conditions like diabetes, and cardiovascular health. The levels below are very basic ranges, you should always consult your doctor for personalized targets based on your situation.

- Total cholesterol should be 5mmol/L or below.

- Total cholesterol to HDL ratio should be below 6.

- HDL (good cholesterol) should be 1mmol/L or higher for men, 1.2mmol/L or higher for women.

- Non-HDL known as LDL (bad cholesterol) should be 4mmol/L or lower.

The NHS have a great article on the best foods to eat to help lower your cholesterol -


Don't underestimate the dangers of excessive cholesterol - it can obstruct blood vessels, significantly increasing the risk of heart problems and strokes.

If lifestyle changes are not enough to lower your high cholesterol, your doctor may suggest medication.

Statins are the main type of medicine used to reduce cholesterol. But there are other treatments available. Your doctor will let you know if you need to take any other drugs which help control your cholesterol levels. They may also refer you to a specialist called a lipidologist. 


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About this video: Searching how to lower cholesterol naturally? In this video, Advanced Medical Practitioner Abraham Khodadi, MPharm(Hons)IPresc MScACP shares tips for high cholesterol control to reduce ldl and when to see your doctor!



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