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NHS Stoptober 2017 | Quit Smoking With Support | Stoptober App | Stop Smoking | NHS Smoking Support

Updated: Apr 14

NHS Stoptober 2017 | Quit Smoking With Support | Stoptober App | Stop Smoking | NHS Smoking Support.

Stop Smoking For 28 days & You're 5 Times More Likely To Quit! Over a million people have used the Stoptober 28 day challenge to quit smoking and that’s amazing.

I think Stoptober is such an important idea - about 100,000 people in the UK die each year due to smoking mainly due to cancer, lung diseases and heart disease.

So let's try and get more people to quit smoking with Stoptober! Please share this video to friends and family to support them in their journey.

Remember don't go at it alone speak to any healthcare professional about it pharmacies are particularly useful as you can visit anytime for advice without an appointment. Even brief advice can boost your chances of quitting by 30%.

Here are some useful links to help anyone who wants to quit smoking:

Stoptober Website:

NHS Smoke Free:

NHS One You:

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