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Overthinking | How to Stop Overthinking Stop Worrying

Pharmacist Abraham, discusses Overthinking. How to Stop Overthinking, Overcome Worrying about Everything and lots more.

This weeks video is on Overthinking! A very important topic which we help with in general practice, we're looking at the Symptoms of a Overthinking and how to stop or overcome worrying about everything.

Here is the chapter breakdown for this video,

00:00 Overthinking | How to Stop Overthinking Stop Worrying

05:14 When to seek medical advice for Overthinking

06:59 Conclusion - How to Stop Overthinking Stop Worrying


Your thoughts are integral to your mental health and wellbeing. Thoughts where you worry about the future or you find yourself dwelling on the past can lead to you missing out on the present! You might be overthinking so much that you can’t get anything done or your thoughts start to become doubtful and negative.

Why do you overthink in the first place? Here are a few reasons you might be overthinking: Serotonin is a feel-good neurotransmitter in the brain. When your serotonin levels are low, you might start to feel anxious and start overthinking.

Stress is a common cause of overthinking. Stressful situations like losing a job, relationship problems or health worries can trigger overthinking. You might be worried about a mistake you’ve made or the outcome of a test. These can lead to negative thoughts about your self-worth or feeling unable to reach your goals.

Trying to come up with “What if?” possibilities or catastrophizing a scenario can also be triggers for overthinking. Overthinking a negative memory can lead to health problems which I have mentioned in this video.


Here are FIVE mental health conditions associated with overthinking. These are red flags which should prompt you to seek medical advice from your healthcare professional.

• Repetitive negative and suicidal thoughts.

•.Hearing voices or experiencing hallucinations in your mind that trigger negative thoughts.

• Trying to distract your thoughts by developing repetitive habits that disrupt your normal life.

• PHOBIA - when you have a fear of something and you need help to manage your fear as you can’t live life normally due to overthinking this fear.

• If you have had a traumatic experience in the past that is stopping you from moving forward.


Whether you're concerned about yourself or a loved one, these mental health charities, organisations and support groups can offer expert advice. Full list and contact details at:

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