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Procrastinating | How To Stop Procrastinating

Procrastinating or Procrastination. How To Stop Procrastinating. What Is Procrastination. Stop Procrastinating.

I've had countless comments and messages to do a video on Procrastinating and How To Stop Procrastinating. The good news is that the video is finally done! Let me know how you get on and if you have any of your own tips or tricks feel free to leave a comment below, because I'd love to read it and I'm sure everyone watching would too.


The definition of procrastination: A voluntary delay of an intended important task despite knowing you’ll be worse off for doing so.

The key ingredient is that it has to be something you intended to do. so its not something someones making you do that you don’t want to do. The delay has to be unnecessary so not putting one task aside for a more important one. And you know that by putting the task off there will be harm either to your self or someone else.


We all occasionally procrastinate and it’s not such a bad thing when done in moderation, but when it becomes chronics it can become more problematic.

We often think procrastinating is due to poor time management or being lazy and we can look at procrastinators thinking just get on with it. But a lot of it has to do with people's emotional states and how they mange those negative moods.

So one way of looking at procrastinating is poor mood management that you use procrastination as a way to regulate those negative feelings.

Let’s say you have this task to write an assignment and for whatever reason it’s boring, it’s challenging, it’s stressful and it brings up a sense of incompetence, fear of failure because your worried you won’t get it right.

And we all have this dynamic between the task that may be unpleasant and all the feelings you have inside you. So then what happens? Well we first struggle a little and delay the task. Then we think right I got to do this and we think about whats going to come from doing this? The benefits, what you will learn about yourself and you get on with the task.

But here’s the thing if you’re a chronic procrastinator you don't know how to manage those negative feelings. So you take that task or the assignment you put it away and you think I feel so much better now. And your internal dialogue then rationalises this decision, because immediately you feel great and you then think I’ll be less tired net week I’ll do it much better next week.

But the problem with doing this is we think of our future self as a superhero someone who is much more capable. We're psychologically distancing ourselves from that person becoming unreal, unattainable and eventually no longer identifying with it anymore.

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