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Productivity | How To Increase Productivity

Productivity or Productive. How To Increase Productivity. How To Be More Productive. How To Improve Productivity.

Here are the chapters to the video,

00:00 Intro

01:00 How To Increase Productivity

02:11 How To Be More Productive

04:33 How To Improve Productivity

05:39 Conclusion

05:58 Bloopers


We all want to get things done but this usually comes with the expense of having to work long hours, not socialising and kind of becoming this dehumanised robot. Which is why in this weeks video I’m going to teach you some really useful tips that should really help boost your productivity so you’re doing less work and getting more done.

Now before we begin I just want to raise something with you guys that I’ve recently been thinking about and I’d love to hear your thoughts on it. You see I personally feel that most people have simple dreams like I do I dream of happiness, fulfilment, love, family. But unfortunately I feel that a lot of this has now been replaced with telling everyone to kill it, to crush it, to defy the odds to break down barriers and to clime every mountain!

And I honestly think It would be a waste of the human experience to devote yourself entirely to this conquest. And sadly this is the way we are made to think right now to be the best, to be better, sharper to be smarter and so on.

So I really do hope that the tips I give you today help improve your productivity so you can have more time enjoying life's simple things. Now lets begin!


A few of the topics mentioned in this video include,

One of the most effective productivity tips that I find helpful is by Professor Cal Newport of Georgetown University which is the theory of deep work. This involve deep and shallow work.

Being strict as to when you work and when you finish. This is a really difficult mindset to get used to because you’re constantly wanting to finish your deep or shallow work we just discussed.

If you’re someone who likes more structure then you may benefit from pyramid goals. Which was designed by psychologist Professor Angela Duckwort.

Another thing I discuss is keeping those stress levels low. Look we all know that completing the deep work or the top-mid levels goals we just discussed take time, this is normal. And they require intense levels of concentration which are going to increase your stress levels and reduce your productivity. So reward yourself. Every 30 minutes have a 5 minute break.

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