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Quit Smoking | Stop Smoking | How To Quit Smoking

Quit Smoking or Stop Smoking. This video is on How To Quit Smoking. How To Stop Smoking Cigarettes. Benefits.

00:00 Quit Smoking

00:25 Why is Nicotine so addictive

01:43 How To Quit Smoking

05:44 How To Stop Smoking

08:47 Quit Smoking Benefits and What Happens When You Quit Smoking

10:14 Conclusion

You’re here because you want to quit smoking! First of all, I want to congratulate you for getting this far. Well done for taking the first step to one of the best things you can do for your own health and other people’s health too!

In today’s video I am going to help you quit! You will find out the BEST way to quit, self-help tips AND the benefits of quitting! So what are we waiting for, let’s crack on!


FIRST let’s have a look at the science - Why is smoking addictive? And what makes it so hard to quit?

Now on this channel I like to give you the FACTS! Here’s one for you: A typical cigarette has about 600 hundred chemicals in it and if that wasn’t bad enough - when lit up that can amount to 7000

Of those chemicals, Nicotine is the one that makes smoking addictive. Nicotine stimulates nerve endings to release dopamine which makes you feel good. It’s as simple as that!

There’s a quick click quiz you can take to find out how strong your smoking addiction is -


Onto the meaty part of the video. You could try to quit cold turkey - OR you can DOUBLE your chance of successfully quitting by using nicotine replacement therapy products - otherwise known as NRT.

NRT products help to keep your cravings under control as you withdraw from smoking cigarettes. You can find more information on the products available -

You can Triple your chance of successfully quitting by regularly seeing a stop smoking advisor, IN ADDITION to using a stop smoking aid such as NRT. Don't forget to download the Stoptober app too by the NHS really helpful its like your little pocked stop smoking advisor and free.


The first one is to grab a pen and paper , sit down and make a list of reasons to quit!

One reason to quit might be to watch your loved ones grow up and spend more time with them! Whatever your reasons are, write them down and carry them with you to help curb those cravings for a cigarette. Another reason you might want to quit is for the health benefits- such as reducing your risk of lung cancer.

Get active - go for a short walk to help your brain release chemicals that naturally reduce your cravings.This is especially effective for your short-lived impulsive cravings! Exercise also stimulates your body to release endorphins which make you feel good.

Get rid of smoking accessories you associate with smoking like ashtrays and cigarette lighters. Replace them with something like a nice coaster for your coffee mug and a stick of gum in your pocket in place of the lighter. This makes it feel less like you’re missing something. done

Tell people you are quitting! Build a support network of people around you who will be able to help you.


You will feel the benefits of quitting 20 minutes after your last cigarette! Your heart rate will slow down and after 48 hours toxic carbon monoxide will be flushed out of your body. This means you will start to feel less tired and breathe better.

On top of that, you will sleep better, food will taste better and you will have more energy!

You will also have whiter teeth, clearer skin and reduce your risk of lung, throat and mouth cancer.

Your immune system will get a huge boost after you quit smoking - you will heal faster and you’ll be less likely to get ill.

Did I forget to mention that you’ll also save a lot of money by quitting smoking? The list goes on! For more information

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