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Sleep Fast | How To Sleep Fast | How To Fall Asleep Fast (Medical Tips)

Sleep Fast tonight! Learn How To Sleep Fast and How To Fall Asleep Fast with my Medical Tips!

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01:08 Why Is Sleep Important For Your Health?

02:12 Sleep Hygiene To Fall Asleep Fast?

09:17 Sleep Cycles To Sleep Fast?

12:16 When To Seek Medical Advice For Sleep?

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Welcome to episode 2 of the Sleep series, this week I’m going to teach you all about sleep hygiene which by the way isn't how clean you are when you sleep, we’re also going to look at sleep cycles and how when sleep cycles and sleep hygiene are done correctly can leave you feeling super refreshed after a good night of sleep!

If you haven't seen episode 1 I would strongly recommend you watch it first as when the techniques explained in episode 1 are incorporated with the information in episode 2 it's going to take your sleep to a whole new level!

Here is a link to Episode 1:


So quickly, a good night’s sleep is just as important as regular exercise and a healthy diet. Sleep allows our bodies to recharge, making us feel refreshed and alert. Research shows that poor sleep has negative effects on your hormones, exercise performance, and brain function. Along with this, it can also cause weight gain and increase disease risk in both adults and children.


Adult sleep needs, beginning around 17 years old through to old age, are generally 8 hours.

So, on average during the course of an eight-hour sleep period, a healthy sleeper should cycle through various sleep stages roughly every 90 minutes. The sleep cycles are split into four stages of sleep:

Stage 1 sleep is a transition period from being awake to falling asleep. During this time you may have a sudden dream onset. You are drifting off to sleep and may still feel aware of your surroundings and easily be aroused back to wakefulness.

From Stage 1, you will enter Stage 2 where your breathing and heart rate will begin to slow. During the continuous sleep cycles throughout the night, we should spend about half of our sleep time in Stage 2.

Next comes Stage 3, sometimes referred to as Delta Sleep or slow wave sleep, because of the slow delta brain waves, which have been recorded during this sleep stage. Stage 3 sleep is a regenerative period, where your body heals and repairs itself. The first episode of Stage 3 lasts from 45-90 minutes. Further episodes of stage 3 sleep have shorter and shorter time periods as the night progresses.

Stage 3 sleep time decreases with age such that older people may have no measured stage 3 sleep at night. This usually occurs in healthy sleepers and does not show any sleep disorder or disease.

Stage R is referred to as REM sleep or “rapid eye movement” sleep. The first REM sleep episode generally occurs after 90-110 minutes of sleep, cycling about every 90 minutes thereafter. REM sleep periods tend to be longer later in the night. Our heart and breathing rates increase and become irregular.

It is during REM sleep that we dream. Many of us will remember dreams from the REM stage. The body creates chemicals that make us temporarily paralysed so that we do not act out our dreams. In this stage, the brain is extremely active, and our eyes, although closed, dart back and forth as if we were awake.

The importance of healthy sleep cycles and stages show many benefits. Glucose metabolism in the brain increases during deep sleep, supporting short-term and long-term memory and overall learning.

Deep sleep is also when the pituitary gland secretes important hormones, like human growth hormone, leading to growth and development of the body.

Other benefits of deep sleep include: energy restoration, cell regeneration, increasing blood supply to muscles, promoting growth and repair of tissues and bones and strengthening the immune system

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