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Twitching Eyelid | How To Stop Twitching Eyelid Eye Twitch

Pharmacist Abraham, discusses Twitching Eyelid Eye. How To Stop Twitching Eyelid, Eye Twitch, A Twitchy Eye and Lots More.

In this weeks video we’re looking at How To Stop Twitching Eyelid Eye Twitch. This video consists of the current information on home remedies and treatments you can try to Stop Twitching Eyelid Eye Twitch.


00:00​ Twitching Eyelid | How To Stop Twitching Eyelid Eye Twitch

00:14 Should You Be Worried About A Twitching Eyelid Eye Twitch

00:44 Symptoms Of Twitching Eyelid Eye Twitch

01:06 How To Stop Twitching Eyelid Eye Twitch

05:53 When To Seek Medical Advice For A Twitching Eyelid Eye Twitch

06:19 Conclusion - Twitching Eyelid | How To Stop Twitching Eyelid Eye Twitch

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Twitches are common and very rarely a sign of anything serious. They often go away on their own, but see your healthcare professional if a twitch lasts more than 2 weeks.

Twitches are usually nothing to worry about. Most people get twitches from time to time. They're often linked to:

• Stress and anxiety

• Tiredness and exhaustion

• Drinking caffeine or alcohol

• Some medicines – check the side effects on the packet or leaflet

They can affect any part of the body. Twitches in the eyes or legs are particularly common. You may also have tingling or cramps (spasms) in the same area.


I was actually informed about this from a GP colleague of mine in practice and this is to apply a warm compress to the affected eye to help relax the muscle. And to be honest with you I’ve had some really good feedback from patients who try this.

If you’re wondering how to do a warm compress its really simple just soak a clean washcloth or flannel with hot water. Ring it out make sure it’s not too hot cause you don't want to burn yourself then place on the affected eye and as it cools you can rewet it and do the process again.

8In terms of how long and how often to do it because I’m sure a lot of people will ask this question. Obviously if the eye twitch goes great you don’t need to continue doing it but if stays try doing it a couple of times a day when it’s convenient for you because that’s the most important thing.

A gentle massage of the area can either be done after the warm compress or even without it throughout the day. And it involves a gentle massage of the area with your finger. Please however be gentle and wash your hands thoroughly before doing it as the last thing you want is for any germs to get in the eye cause you an eye infection while having a twitchy eye.


Monitor your caffeine and alcohol intake, too much of it can cause eye twitches and I know it’s easier said than done but just have a little think to yourself or keep a log on your phone. As mentioned in the video here are the links to the calculators which you can use to check you are in the safe limit,

Caffeine Calculator:

Alcohol Calculator:


Feeling stressed? If the answer is yes, you're not alone. Stress is the feeling of being under too much mental or emotional pressure, and pressure turns into stress when you feel unable to cope.

A bit of stress is normal and can help push you to do something new or difficult, but too much stress can take its toll. Lots of things can cause stress, including work, relationships and money problems. Stress can affect how you feel, think, behave and how your body works – from how well you sleep to your immune system. In the short-term that's not really a bad thing, but long-term stress puts your health at risk.

The NHS have some really helpful articles to help with stress so if you're interested in learning more here is the link I mentioned in the video :


• You have a twitch for more than 2 weeks

• You have a twitch in more than 1 place

• The affected area feels weak

• You think a prescribed medicine might be causing your twitch

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