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Urinary Tract Infection | UTI Symptoms | Urinary Tract Infection Symptoms

Urinary tract infection. Responding to comments on UTI symptoms, urinary tract infection symptoms in men and women.

One of my favourite notifications is your comments and as you may already know more often than not I'll get back to you with a reply and heart. If you'd like more information on any of the questions I've answered or have a question, then let me know so I can try and either dedicate a video to it or get back to you in next months responding to your comments.

A few of my favourite questions/comments from this video are:

1) Hi Abraham, great stuff. I have a really important question, what's your zodiac sign? It would mean so much if you replied.

2) Is being unable to completely empty my bladder a sign of a UTI? - 00:59

Here is the link to my UTI prevention video which goes into lots of detail on what causes a UTI and helpful tips on how you can prevent them:


• Needing to pee suddenly or more often than usual

• Pain or a burning sensation when peeing

• Smelly or cloudy pee

• Blood in your pee

• Pain in your lower tummy

• Feeling tired and unwell

• In older people, changes in behaviour such as severe confusion or agitation

• UTI symptoms may be difficult to spot in people with dementia.

3) You're my new daddy.

4) Thank god you haven't prescribed Paracetamol for this kind of thing.

5) Just watching and listening to you helped me feel better for almost 4 minutes. Thanks bud.

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