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Vaping | Is Vaping Bad For You

Vaping or e-cigarette. Responding to comments is vaping bad for you, is it safe, is it better than smoking and more.

One of my favourite notifications is your comments and as you may already know more often than not I'll get back to you with a reply and heart. If you'd like more information on any of the questions I've answered or have a question, then let me know so I can try and either dedicate a video to it or get back to you in next months responding to your comments.

1) Is vaping bad for you? 0:16

2) Remedy first explanation last please.

3) Hello, can you explain why we should use our emollients first? Does any non-steroid lotion/cream/petroleum jelly count as an emollient?

4) Thank you for this very informative. I wanted to know why smoking is bad for diabetes?

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