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Wake Up Early | How To Wake Up Early

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This weeks video on how to wake up early, I've received a lot of messages and comments to make a video on this topic and now it's finally ready. I really hope you find the information in this video helpful always remember you’re awesome!

As explained in the video I'd highly recommend you learn about the research on waking up early so that you can make an informed decision if it's for you. However if you already know all of it and want to go straight to the tips on how to wake up early, here is the time stamp - 04:40


Now getting a full nights sleep and getting the same amount of sleep at the same time each night are both very important. So as in adults that 8 hours of good quality sleep.

And if you're sacrificing that sleep time to get up early it means you will be hit by many negative effects of sleep deprivations such as moodiness, such as poor concentration, weight gain, anxiety, high blood pressure and even an increased risk of heart disease.

So if early rising means cutting your sleep time to below the recommended 8 hours for adults then please don't do it. Because this will have a harmful effect on your health and thats the most important thing.

If you're someone who struggles to fall asleep and would like more information on getting good quality sleep, then I do have a few videos on the topic which you may find helpful here are the YouTube links,


• Tip 1 - The most important thing you need to ensure is that you ONE get good quality sleep and 2 as an adult get 8 hours of it. If you don't get the recommended amount of sleep you’re damaging your health and we've discussed the research earlier in the video.

Now the best way to start waking earlier is by moving up gradually so try waking up 15 minutes earlier every other day until you reach your desired time to wake up. Please remember though if you’re going to be waking up 15 minutes earlier every other day you also need to sleep 15 minutes earlier so you get the correct amount of sleep.

• Tip 2 - If you want this to work you need to stop pressing the snooze button. Snoozing is poor quality shallow sleep so your gonna feel even more tired and even more groggy than if you just woke up from the first alarm.

And if you struggle try placing your alarm or phone on the other side of the room and not on your bed side table that way your out of bed when you switch it off.

• Tip 3 - Now that your out of bed firstly quickly open up those curtains and then make your bed as this will help reduce the temptation of you climbing back in.

• Tip 4- One thing that really helps me to get going in the morning is to exercise and over the years if you’ve got to know me through my channel you'll know that Im a keen runner. So first thing I do is go for a run.

Exercise gets the metabolism going and it increases alertness but its even better if your exercise does take you outside because you’ll get the natural light which affects your circadian rhythm signalling to your body that its time to wake up.

• Tip 5 - Once you’re done with the exercise you’re gonna be all sweaty so go for quick shower and if you can try and have the water temperature slightly cooler than you usually have it.

• Tip 6 - Keep the same schedule on the weekends, as this if you don't all this hard work its gonna be even harder to maintain as you disrupt your body's natural rhythm.

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