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What Causes Gout Symptoms Gout Treatment And Diet

Gout is painful! This video is on Gout Symptoms. Gout Treatment. What Causes Gout. Gout Diet. Foods To Avoid With Gout.

I've received a lot of messages and comments to make a video on Gout and it's finally ready. I really hope you find the information in this video helpful always remember you’re awesome!

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Gout is a type of inflammatory arthritis. That means you get symptoms such as severe pain and swelling in a joint like your finger or toe . Your joint might also turn red and start to feel hot. Gout can come up suddenly and that is known as a “flare up”, “bout of gout” or a “gout attack”.

However, it's important to remember that you can’t diagnose yourself with gout. That can only be done by a healthcare professional. And that’s because joint pain and swelling can occur for other reasons - for example, you could have an infection or something else other than gout. So if you think you might have gout, please book an appointment with your healthcare professional to get tested


See your healthcare professional if you ave,

• Sudden severe pain in a joint – usually your big toe, but it can be in other joints in your feet, hands, wrists, elbows or knees

• Hot, swollen, red skin over the affected joint

These are symptoms of gout.

An attack of gout usually lasts 5 to 7 days, then gets better. It may not cause lasting damage to joints if you get treatment immediately.

Ask for an urgent appointment if,

• The pain is getting worse

• You also have a very high temperature (you feel hot and shivery)

• You also feel sick or cannot eat

These symptoms could mean you have an infection inside your joint and need urgent medical help.


You’re more likely to experience gout if you have high blood pressure, high cholesterol, heart failure, diabetes or poor kidney function. As always, ask your Healthcare Professional the best way to try and solve these health problems, they are always happy to help.

If you’re overweight, you might want to consider losing weight. You can have a look at my weight loss videos here for some tips.

How to lose weight Part 1 -

How to lose weight Part 2 -

Red meat and tuna can contribute to a possible bout of gout - so eat these foods sparingly! I’ll leave a link below on more diet do’s and don’ts.

DEBUNKING MYTHS TIME: eating cherries might be good at reducing uric acids levels but there isn’t enough evidence to support this theory.

Do you take diuretics, also known as water tablets, every day? Check with your Pharmacist if you are experiencing symptoms of gout, as “water tablets” can be a common cause. Please remember that you should never stop taking your medication without the advice of a healthcare professional.

Also, certain drinks such as alcohol and fruit juice can increase your chances of gout, so you might want to consider cutting back on those! Don’t forget: Drinking plenty of water as an alternative is a great way to prevent gout too!

Smoking can make gout worse too. So if you haven’t thought about it yet, you might want to quit smoking - head over to my video on quit smoking for some tips!

Last but not least, maintain good joint health with regular low impact exercise such as walking cycling or swimming. More information available -

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