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Workout or home workout. Workout routines, home workout routine, best home workout, workout routines for beginners. Welcome to episode One of 10 minute workouts. This is going to be a four part series and In this week’s video we’re looking at toning and firming up your tummy, hips and bottom. Before we begin today’s video I just want to say a big thank you to all of you for staying at home as much as possible and limiting the spread of Covid-19. I really hope you find this four part series helpful and always remember you’re awesome! This video was sponsored by Dr Fox (Online Doctor & Pharmacy): WORKOUT INFORMATION: A massive thank you to Millie and Mo for kindly filming and demonstrating these at home exercises during lockdown. If you would like to connect with them we have left their handles in the video. Before exercising it’s very important to always warm up to prevent any injury. Once you're done please don’t forget to cool down with a full stretch routine as well to prevent any injury. If you'd like more information on this, IMPORTANCE OF STAYING ACTIVE WHILE SOCIAL DISTANCING: Thank you to all of you for staying at home as much as possible and limiting the spread of Covid-19. I know it’s not easy, especially with the good weather ahead but so many of you have been following the rules on social distancing. We’re all in this together and together we can overcome this challenge as we’ve overcome many challenges in the past. While you’re staying at home and social distancing it can be very easy to fall into an unhealthy pattern of behaviour which can make you feel down, demotivated and even dampen your immune system. So please try to stay mentally and physically active. The NHS also have some really useful articles on keeping mental active and lots of general advice on what to do while you’re staying at home. Here are the links to the articles, If you'd like more information on maintaining a healthy immune system with evidence based science. I did make a video on this topic a few weeks ago and can be watched at: HOW TO LOSE WEIGHT VIDEOS: If you are also looking at trying to lose weight and dangerous visceral fat I did make a video not long all about dietary advice from a study done in Oxford. The results of the diet are pretty incredible participants lost about 0.5 to 1kg every week which is great but here’s the best part after 6 weeks the study showed that each individual also reduced their dangerous visceral fat by 14% they also reduced their cholesterol, blood pressure and had a 5cm reduction in their waistline. So if you haven't seen my how to lose weight and belly fat videos here are the links: Dietary advice: Exercises: Dietary advice:

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Jun 30, 2021

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