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Cold Hands Feet | Why Are My Feet and Hands Always Cold Treatment

Cold Hands Feet with Abraham the Pharmacist. Why Are My Feet Always Cold. Why Are My Hands Always Cold. Treatment. Causes.

In this weeks video we’re looking at Why your Feet and Hands are Always Cold as well as Treatments. This is going to be your simple, step by step, scientifically backed guide.

00:00 Cold Hands Feet | Why Are My Feet and Hands Always Cold Treatment?

00:53 Why Are My Feet and Hands Always Cold?

02:45 Best Treatments For Cold Hands and Feet?

09:00 When to Seek Medical Attention for Cold Hands and Feet?


So, why can we get cold hands and feet? Well, in some people its just normal from time to time and in others it can be due to an underlying condition. In cold weather, your body has an automatic process called thermoregulation. So this is where it adjusts itself to keep its core temperature stable. Because of this, it’s your body's natural response to stop the inner organs which are the most important, such as your heart and brain, from losing warmth.

One way your body does this is by narrowing the blood vessels in your extremities, like your hands and feet. This redirects the blood away from flowing there and keeps it circulating more in your body's core which helps keep it warm and reduces heat loss. Your body's actually being super smart and doing what it needs to survive and keep your organs working, but it can translate to us as inconvenient and uncomfortable cold hands and feet!

So, that’s the body’s natural process, but sometimes the blood vessels in your hand can spasm not just because of cold conditions, but as a result of anxiety or stress, and go cold, painful, numb, have pins or needles, or even change colour at the same time, and this is known as Raynaud’s phenomenon.

There are also some things can make it happen more often or make you experience it worse. For example, any condition that affects blood flow or temperature regulation would make you more likely to suffer from it. So this can include conditions such as anaemia, diabetes, peripheral artery disease, and if you smoke. There’s even some studies to suggest that sex and ethnicity may play a role, with some evidence showing that women with Asian ancestry may be more likely to suffer from it.


As discussed in the video here is the NHS link on some useful hand exercises to help warm up those hands -


If you find you are: Suffering with cold hands and feet all the time, that your hands change colour, your symptoms are getting worse, your symptoms are only on one side of the body, you’re under 12, over 30 and experience it for the first time, or if you have any joint pain, rashes or muscle weakness alongside your cold hands and feet - Then please make sure you speak to your doctor.

Like I mentioned earlier, sometimes cold hands and feet can be a sign of an underlying disease, so if any of these apply to you its worth talking to your doctor to rule any of these out. Addressing and treating any of these conditions if you have them will also help reduce your cold hands and feet or could even eliminate it entirely with suitable treatment.


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