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How to clear a stuffy nose instantly and unstuff for relief

Learn how to clear a stuffy nose instantly and how to unstuff a stuffy nose for stuffy nose relief at home!


Non-allergic rhinitis happens when the inside of your nose becomes irritated, causing a stuff nose.


Non-allergic rhinitis is inflammation of the inside of the nose that is not caused by an allergy. Rhinitis that is caused by something that triggers an allergy, such as pollen, is a separate health condition known as allergic rhinitis.

Symptoms of non-allergic rhinitis can include:

• A blocked nose

• A runny nose

• Sneezing – although this is generally less severe than in allergic rhinitis

• Mild irritation or discomfort in and around your nose

• Reduced sense of smell - More information on reduced sense of smell at

In rare cases, non-allergic rhinitis can also cause a crust to develop inside the nose, which may:

• Produce a foul-smelling odour

• Cause bleeding if you try to remove it

See your GP if you have symptoms of non-allergic rhinitis and they're affecting your quality of life.


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In non-allergic rhinitis, the inflammation is usually the result of swollen blood vessels and a build-up of fluid in the tissues of the nose.

This swelling blocks the nasal passages and stimulates the mucus glands in the nose, resulting in the typical symptoms of a blocked or runny nose.

There are several possible causes of non-allergic rhinitis including:

• Viral infections, such as a cold – these attack the lining of the nose and throat

• Environmental factors – such as extreme temperatures, humidity or exposure to noxious fumes, such as smoke

• Hormone imbalances – such as during pregnancy or puberty

• Hormone-containing medicines such as HRT or the contraceptive pill

For more information on allergic rhinitis visit:


You should seek medical advice if,

• Your nasal congestion is not getting better after a week or two despite trying the remedies suggested in this leaflet or the leaflet specific to the condition causing it.

• You are not sure what the cause is for your nasal congestion.

• You have any blood in the discharge coming from your nose.

• Only one side of your nose is blocked.

• You or your child are unwell with a high temperature (fever) as well as having nasal congestion.

• A baby has nasal congestion and is having difficulties feeding or breathing.

• You feel very unwell.


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About this video: Searching how to clear a stuffy nose instantly? In this video, Advanced Medical Practitioner Abraham Khodadi, MPharm(Hons)IPresc MScACP shares how to unstuff a stuffy nose for stuffy nose relief at home!



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