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Jock Itch Treatment Cream (Medical Tips)

Do you suffer from Jock Itch? Learn about Jock Itch Treatment and The Best Cream to Get Rid Of this itchy condition!

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00:00 Intro

00:37 What Is Jock Itch?

01:36 Jock Itch Symptoms?

02:33 Jock Itch Treatment?

04:22 How To Prevent Jock Itch?

07:28 Jock Itch Cream?

08:38 When To Seek Medical Advice For Jock Itch?


So, let’s begin with ‘What is it?’ Now, if you’ve ever suffered from Jock itch, you probably know how it can be an uncomfortable and unpleasant experience. Jock itch is a fungal skin infection of the groin that affects the upper thighs, your bum, and the lower abdomen region.

Fungi that flourish in warm, damp conditions, such as sweaty, wet, or tight-fitting clothes, cause it. Jock itch is very infectious, and you can contract it by coming into contact with contaminated towels and clothing, or by coming into contact with someone who is affected.

If you have an athlete's foot infection, the fungus can sometimes be transferred from other parts of your skin, such as your feet. It’s a common problem for male athletes, which is how it got its name. But you don’t have to play a sport or be a guy to get it.


So, what are the common symptoms to recognise with ‘Jock Itch’. You might have jock itch if you notice: An irritated and persistently itchy red rash with raised edges – usually on the groin, skin folds, inner thighs or on your bum, you can also have burning sensation around the affected area, the skin area can also be flaking and cracked.


The good thing with jock itch, is that in most cases you won’t need to speak to a healthcare professional as it is mild and using some of the prevention lifestyle tips in this video will help. However, sometimes you may need to visit your local pharmacy for advice on some of the treatment options discussed in this video.

Usually, if your symptoms don’t improve after two weeks of some of the OTC treatments, you should make an appointment to see your healthcare professional. You may have developed a secondary infection that needs treatment with some different medication.

Also if the symptoms worsen and do not improve, please go speak to a healthcare professional.

The bottom-line with jock itch, is that it is not usually that serious, it can be a persistent and recurrent problem that causes discomfort and itching. It does not cause any long-term damage, but the rash and other related rashes such as athlete’s foot have the tendency to recur if preventive measures have not been taken.


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