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Measles Outbreak 2018 - Public Health England Video Collaboration

Updated: Apr 14

Hey all, in this video I had collaborated with Public Health England to advise everyone to ensure they have had 2 doses of the MMR vaccine. This is due to the recent outbreak of measles which have been confirmed across England.

The easiest way to check you are fully vaccinated is by contacting your GP surgery. They are aware of the measles outbreak and can check your medical history and advise appropriately if you need the free MMR vaccine.


Between 1 January 2018 and 31 May 2018 there have been 580 laboratory confirmed measles cases in England. Cases were reported in most areas including London (216), the South East (130), West Midlands (68), South West (62), Yorkshire and Humberside (55), East of England (18), North East (14), East Midlands (9) and North West (8).

Most cases have been seen in adults aged 15 and over in England. This is because whilst most people in the UK have had their vaccine, there are still small pockets of areas where vaccine coverage is lower than we want.

Thank you to all the organisations who helped promote the video, it performed really well and hopefully will have a positive impact by increasing the shingles vaccine uptake. Here are a few of the organisations who helped support and promote the video,

  • Public Health England

  • NHS Choices

  • Local CCGs

  • Community Pharmacies

  • Medical Practices

For more information about measles and the vaccine please visit the following links,

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