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Microwaves | Do Microwaves Cause Cancer Microwaving Dangerous Or Safe

Pharmacist Abraham, discusses Microwaves. Do Microwaves Cause Cancer. Are Microwaves Dangerous, Safe, Bad For You. Microwaving Dangerous Or Safe.

In this weeks video we’re looking at Do Microwaves Cause Cancer Microwaving Dangerous Or Safe. This video consists of the current information on Microwave Safety and if there are any Dangers.


00:00​​ Microwaves | Do Microwaves Cause Cancer Microwaving Dangerous Or Safe

00:35​ How Do Microwaves Work

01:14 Do Microwaves Cause Cancer Microwaving Dangerous Or Safe


Let’s begin with how microwaves actually cook your food: In a nutshell, microwaves are a type of electromagnetic radiation that is easily absorbed by water, fat and sugar. This makes them move around and that movement helps to heat up the food.

Now I know what you’re thinking. As soon as you hear the word radiation, you might think radioactivity. But don’t panic - microwaves don’t even come close to nuclear bombs! The length and frequency of microwaves are actually very close to the radio waves you use to connect to your wifi and to use your phone to send a text or make a phone call. Even light is electromagnetic radiation, so microwave radiation is not harmful.

This is because microwaves are easily absorbed and blocked by the inside of the microwave oven so they can’t escape. Just don’t stand within 30cm of the microwave or have your head or face right next to it to prevent any radiation getting to you.

This is unlike UV rays in sunlight which are short, high frequency wavelengths that can damage your skin cell DNA and cause skin cancer. Speaking of which, there is no evidence that cooking your food in a microwave causes cancer.


In the video I discuss the cooking principles for preservation of nutrients and minerals. You don’t want to cook your food using too much heat. And a microwave is perfect for that! You are a lot less likely to char or burn your food in a microwave than other cooking methods. So you can preserve even more vitamins and nutrients.

It also means you’re less likely to get the formation of burnt food bits which contain acrylamide. Kind of like burnt toast or burnt chips. There is some evidence that acrylamide might cause cancer. If you want to read more about acrylamide -

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