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Should Children Take Vitamins | What Age Do Babies Need Vitamins | Best Childrens Baby Vitamins

Should Kids Take Vitamins | What Age Do Children Need Vitamins | Best Baby Vitamins | Multi vitamins For Children | Do Breastfed Babies Need Vitamins | Healthy Start Vitamin Drops

Hey guys! This weeks video is all about vitamin supplements for children and why you should be giving them to children aged six months to five years.

I was quite shocked when I recently read research that was presented at the Welsh Paediatric Society autumn clinical meeting. Researchers in Wales found only 30% of parents and carers said they had ever been given advice by a health professional about giving young children vitamin supplements. And nearly two-thirds (64%) of those asked said they didn't give their children vitamin supplements.


The Department of Health (DoH) recommends all children aged 6 months to 5 years should be given supplements containing vitamins A, C and D every day.

This advice has been in existence since the early 1990s, when it was endorsed by the then committee on medical aspects of food policy.

However If your child is having 500ml or more of infant formula a day, they do not need any children's vitamin supplements as infant formula is fortified.

Vitamins and minerals are essential for children's good health,

Vitamin A: for growth, vision in dim light and healthy skin

Vitamin C: helps maintain healthy tissue in the body

Vitamin D: for strong bones and teeth.

Growing children may not get enough of these vitamins - especially those not eating a varied diet.

Breastfed babies from birth to one year of age should be given a daily supplement containing 8.5-10mcg of vitamin D to make sure they get enough. Please speak to your midwife about this if you're not already doing this.


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