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This One Simple Trick Is Saving Doctors 100's Of Hours

Abraham the pharmacist discusses how Freed AI is revolutionizing healthcare and saving doctors 100's of hours!

Are you tired of seeing your medical provider bogged down by endless note-taking? In this game-changing video, we dive into the evolution of medical records, from paper to electronic systems in the 80s, and the lack of significant change since then. But here’s the exciting part – it’s 2024, and Freed AI is transforming the healthcare industry with their HIPAA-compliant AI medical scribe!

Discover how this innovative technology is writing medical notes from consultations, freeing up valuable time for medical providers to focus on patient care. Join us as we explore the impact of Freed AI and its potential to revolutionize healthcare as we know it!


Discover Freed – the revolutionary tool transforming my practice. With Freed, my notes are effortlessly written, giving me more time to dedicate to my patients. It’s HIPAA compliant and utilizes AI to transcribe, summarize, and create medically relevant notes. Join thousands of clinicians benefiting from Freed! - Try it for free and use code ATP50 for $50 off when you’re ready to commit. Free up your time with Freed today! Freed thanks for being our Trusted Sponsor!


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About this video: In this video, Advanced Medical Practitioner Abraham Khodadi, MPharm(Hons)IPresc MScACP shares how Freed AI is revolutionizing healthcare and saving doctors 100's of hours!



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