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Vitamin B12 Foods or Tablets and Deficiency Symptoms

Looking for Vitamin B12 information? Learn Vitamin B12 Foods and Vitamin B12 Deficiency Symptoms and Tablets for Treatment.

00:00 Vitamin B12 Foods or Tablets and Deficiency Symptoms?

01:03 What Is Vitamin B12?

01:43 What Causes Vitamin B12 Deficiency?

03:53 Vitamin B12 Deficiency Symptoms?

08:44 What Tests Are Done For Vitamin B12 Deficiency?

10:38 Vitamin B12 Tablets Injections and Treatments?

12:11 Vitamin B12 Foods?

12:38 When To Seek Medical Attention?

14:15 Conclusion on Vitamin B12?

12:35 Bloopers


So, what is B12? Well, B12 is an important nutrient that our body needs. We all need a certain level of it to help keep our nerve and blood cells healthy.

And if you’ve seen some of my other videos, you may already be familiar with iron deficiency anaemia, which is when your body doesn’t have enough iron in your blood. B12 deficiency anaemia is similar to this and is where you don’t have enough B12 in your blood.

Long term, a B12 deficiency can lead your body to create blood cells that are much larger than normal to compensate, something known as megoblastic anaemia, and as a result, your blood cells lose their ability to function properly. It can affect anyone of any age, but you’re more prone to it if you’re over the age of 60 or have a vegan diet.

Without B12, we can suffer complications as serious as heart failure and nervous system damage. But what causes it? Well, the most common cause is a condition known as pernicious anaemia, which is where your stomach doesn’t produce enough of a certain protein known as Intrinsic Factor. Without this, your body can’t absorb B12 from food and it can lead to you not getting enough. This can sometimes be due to your immune system attacking its own stomach cells and is a lifelong condition.

Other causes of B12 deficiency include drinking too much alcohol, certain medication, long-term conditions that affect your gastro-intestinal tract, such as Crohn’s or Coeliac disease, and malnutrition. But for more information on this, I’ll leave some useful links in the description below.

Interesting research articles on Vitamin B12,


Here is a full list of foods that are high and medium in their Vitamin B12 content,

Foods that are high in Vitamin B12,

Beef, liver, Oysters, Caviar, Mackerel, Herring, Mussels, Lean beef, Wild boar, Trout , Tuna, Goose, Perch , Saithe (Pollock), Camembert, Emmental, Lamb, Duck

Foods with medium Vitamin B12 content,

Salmon, Cephalopods (squid/octopus), Pork cutlet, Edam cheese, Parmesan, Lean veal, Pike, Egg yolk (chickens), Gouda, Eggs (chickens), Gyro, Plaice, Mince, Mortadella, Salami, Pork sausage, Mozzarella, Frankfurter sausage , Lean pork, Cream cheese (min. 10% fat), Quark, Fish fingers, Cottage cheese, Anchovies , Sheep’s milk, Chicken, Cow’s milk, Yoghurt , Sheep’s cheese (feta), Egg white (chicken), Goat’s milk


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About this video: Looking for Vitamin B12 information? In this video, Advanced Medical Practitioner Abraham Khodadi, MPharm(Hons)IPresc MScACP shares the best Vitamin B12 Foods, Vitamin B12 Deficiency Symptoms and the different Treatment options such as Tablets or Injections.

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